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My goal as an editor is to bring out your natural storytelling talents and take care of all the grammatical shenaniganry while staying true to your author voice. It's been one of my great joys and passions to work with writers and encourage their strengths while ensuring their words flow as distinctly as possible.​


Ever had a goblin read your writing?

With an editorial and market-minded approach, my goal is to help your writing upgrade a step closer to final boss mode. I'm well-versed in character-driven stories and emotional arcs, so if you want your readers to feel the pain (or joy!), I'm your goblin.


Image by Annie Spratt

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The Goblin Market

Fae candles & loot, coming soon...

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Behind the Writing

A fae king
A human thief
A deadly game...

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About J. A. Duncan

Jordan is an indie editor, creator of goblin loot, and a writer who pens dark fantasy tales & poetry with a romantic edge. When not working with authors or haunting markets with her fae wares, you can find Jordan playing fantasy games and D&D, running a book blog with her bestie, or letting the madness take her for nightly zoomies.

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