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The Goblin King

Book 1 in the Twisted Fae series

She hated the fae. With every bone, every drop of blood in her veins, every tortured year of existence, she hated them. They reveled in human misery, and she had never been sicker of it.

Or more vengeful.

Tessa Alvaro has been a prisoner of the Sídhe, the fae nobility, for over twenty years and spent that time studying their tricks, deceits, and weaknesses. Her ability to track objects she can't see, a magick in humans known as a Curiosity, makes her amusing to the fae at best and a target at worst. So she's learned to conceal her talent while using it to her advantage: stealing trinkets for the Goblin Market in hopes of earning passage back to the mortal realm.

Plans change when she attracts the notice of a Sídhe with a power she's never encountered, a fae who knows about her Curiosity and wants to strike a deal—work for him and she'll be returned home.

Her refusal sets in motion a deadly game of cunning against an opponent she thought existed only in tales: The Goblin King, enigmatic ruler of an underground empire and feared even by the nobles she's served for years.

But Tessa won't bow to anyone, and hers and the king's shared ruthlessness threatens to be their way or another.

Adult Dark Fantasy

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Fantasy Poetry


Fractured Fairytales

A Darkly Whimsical Poetry Collection

I became transcendent

Shattered soul in a fairytale

I'll bend my words and break my heart

To remake your ever after

Debut poetry collection that explores themes of tragic & forbidden romance, loss, myth & fairytale retellings, yearning, hope & renewal.

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