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Villain Romance.png

Villain Romance

Sultry songs for villain romances | Enemies to lovers | Spicy & Twisted | Sexy metal & dark pop | Making each other worse for the plot

You Should See Me in A Crown.png

You Should See Me in a Crown

Songs for your villain era | Evil Queen | Royaltycore | Death Goddess

Lethal (1).png

Lethal - Villain Era

Make me your villain | Supervillain & modern badass | Dark trap & edgy metal | Villain Era Writing | F*ck 'Em Up Music

Antiheroes (1).png


Putting the anti in antihero | Morally Gray | Broody loner | Badass metal & alternative


Starcrossed Lovers

Forbidden Romance | Tragic Love | Fated for Torment | Enemies to Lovers | Heartbreak, angst, & yearning

Missing Pieces.png

Missing Pieces

Gone but not forgotten | Sorrrow | Melancholy | Grief & Loss | Sad Instrumental & Vocals for writing | Emotional

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