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Dark fantasy writer, bookwraith, goblin, and lover of the fantastical & phantasmal.​

Greetings, miscreants!

I'm J. A. Duncan on anything official, Jordan the Goblin Queen on social media, and simply Jordan everywhere else.

I'm an indie editor & creator of goblin wares, a dark fantasy writer & poet, and a book blogger at Coffee, Book, & Candle. When I'm not hunched like a gargoyle over my laptop or alchemy table, I enjoy long walks in forbidden forests, reading dark fantasy, and baking at nightmare hours that would make mortals weep. Open-world video games and D&D are my jam, and I can't do anything without a pair of earbuds and music playing at all times.

Jordan on #Booktok

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If you enjoy my various shenanigans, free content, or want to show some support for my art, you can buy me a coffee below!

It all gets saved into the "write fae books for the miscreants" fund for editing, cover art, & other publishing costs, or it actually buys me a coffee to fuel said madness.

Either way, you have my gobliny gratitude 🤍


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